Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Life Can turn on a Dime! From Good Health To Dealing With Cancer!

No time or energy to be wasting either thinking about the ever shallow and boring Psycho Boy, especially with a much better man in my life and a family to care for.  Or dealing with one of those unexpected curve balls life has a way of throwing your way when you least expect it.

Recently hospitalized and diagnosed with stage 4 bone cancer - you come face to face with your own mortality and realize how fast life can turn on a dime.  But sometimes good things happen too!

GOOD NEWS!   Now that all the tests have been completed and analyzed, there are some very good aspects of it that leave something to smile about and even celebrate!

First and foremost:  The Tumor is SLOW-GROWING AND LOCALIZED. No vital organs are involved, all are healthy and functioning!  Outlook looks good.

It is a metastasized breast cancer lesion that has NOT SPREAD!  What it is, a failure of the arimidex (anastrozole) I was on for 5 years.  I developed an immunity to the drug, so the mets (metastasized) breast cancer cells grew undetected for 5 years.  New meds, and there will be radiation treatments but NO CHEMO!

The radiation treatments will be to shrink the tumor and restore mobility to me as well as reducing pain. So, it looks like at this writing, I'll be around for quite a while yet.  Cheers Everybody!