Tuesday, February 16, 2016

There are times now I could almost forget having cancer (Stage 4 Bone Mets)

It's an amazing thing when it comes to my prognosis. There are times now I could almost forget having cancer (Stage 4 Bone Mets)... with my pain meds and the radiation therapy, I'm happy to say that most of the pain I earlier experienced is gone! I'm increasingly enjoying a normal life doing much as I did before all this.
I'm getting in and out of vehicles, off and on my bed with just a little discomfort here and there. I take care of myself on all my personal needs, going shopping, and enjoying the absence of pain! That's the big thing!
No longer relying on things like my walker, or cane, or my step stool quite as heavily as I used to do. Oh sometimes, yes, the cane and stool comes in handy, and I admit I rather like using the motorized carts in the grocery store to get around... but life is feeling rather good these days. For now, things seem to be stabilized and under control.
I do take comfort that I'm considered relatively low risk in the positive aspects of my having cancer...slow growing, localized, all vital organs still healthy and normal...but a great indicator of longevity is that there was a LONG period between my original breast cancer diagnosis at 5+ years and the diagnosis of bone mets cancer. Outstanding!
Not much to tell, and that's a very good thing! Hope all is well with you too!