Saturday, December 19, 2015

Days of Wonder - Days of Pain!

CANCER OR NOT?  Thank you everyone for the all the good wishes.  So what's the story? you might be wondering.  Wednesday afternoon after leaving HQ, I was suddenly gripped by acute and severe hip pain to the point, I could barely walk  with great difficulty.

I finally got home, called my doctor's office, and spoke with his nurse.  At first she suggested going to their Urgent Care unit.  But suddenly the pain was so bad, I burst out bawling like a baby from the pain.

Then she said I should go to the Emergency unit at the local hospital where they have all the necessary equipment.  At first, I thought maybe i had pulled a groin muscle or something simple. I never imagined what was to come!

They sent me for a skeletal xray and a CAT scan.  To my surprise, they saw a large irregular mass over my left hip area, and admitted me for further testing.  A doctor came in and advised me that it looked like what I'd been thinking!

That being a Stage 4 metastatic 5 cm tumor over my hip bone which totally blew me away!  CANCER! I have a high aptitude for the medical sciences, so I was plenty scared!  (This after just after recently celebrating my 5 year survivorship from early breast cancer.  Everything had been going really good for me and I was living a normal life!

They did a PET scan after that, and a more detailed skeletal scan from head to toe, with a biopsy also scheduled.  The PET showed, that the tumor was localized and restricted to my hip groin area....there was no evidence of spread, and all my organs were clean, and normal!  I see this as significant that such a large tumor had not invaded any organs indicating possible benign (meaning NO CANCER!) I'm hoping anyway!  YEA!

Yesterday, they were finally able to get me in for the biopsy.  Not just one sample was taken, but several, and it was painful despite sedation!  Results are not expected until later on next week. (After Christmas).  So, now I have several days ahead of virtual uncertainly.  Is it or is it not cancer?  Stay tuned!  You now know as much as I do!  I am cautiously optimistic!

It's Been A Rough Week, but I Made It - How About You?